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Digital Disruption in Sourcing and Procurement

The journey to enterprise-wide transformation with intelligent automation.

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Intelligent Automation


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What SIG University Alumni Have to Say About the Program

Certified Intelligent Automation Professional (CIAP) graduates give SIG University a passing grade when it comes applying what they learned in the CIAP program.


Canda Rozier, CIAP
Collabra Consulting

"The CIAP program was interesting, informative, and very enlightening. The program did a great job in presenting the project management discipline, program structure, and governance that are necessary for successful Intelligent Automation projects. There were many takeaways that will benefit companies, whether newly embarking on an IPA or RPA project, or those that are honing and expanding a digital transformation journey. It was an honor to be part of the inaugural class!"


Lawrence Kane, ECOP, CSP, CIAP
SIG Hall of Fame Recipient

"Intelligent automation is far more than a collection of cool emerging technologies. In order to actually add value, we must harness those technologies in a thoughtful, considered, and programmatic way. SIG University’s CIAP program teaches practitioners exactly how to do that, delivering clear, compelling, and thought-provoking instruction on making the most of any digital transformation rollout."


Mike Morsch, CIAP
VP Global Procurement & Supply Chain
CDK Global

"I wish this program would have been available before we started our RPA and IA journey. It would have been a great level setting experience for the company. As one of the executive sponsors, I could have created a much better view for our leadership of what we are doing."

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