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Sourcing Certification

Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP)

The Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP) program is a 12-week course that provides in-depth training on the hard and soft skills of sourcing. Students are exposed to strategic sourcing methodologies, outsourcing best practices and are equipped with a toolkit of resources to add value in the office immediately.  

Learning Outcomes 
At the end of this course, Certified Sourcing Professionals will be able to assess and implement: 

  • Business "best practices" and theories to develop and continually improve company operations and outcomes 
  • Next practice insights in artificial intelligence, big data, crowdsourcing and other disruptive technologies challenging the future of work 
  • Strategic sourcing methodologies to design, deliver and troubleshoot company initiatives 
  • Systematic outsourcing methodologies to design, execute and evaluate company initiatives 
  • Effective leadership models and team development strategies 
  • Department-level goal setting and monitoring strategies that achieve results and align with overall organizational goals 
  • Technological solutions to support efficient operations

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“For myself, the CSP Program was good refresher on key concepts and methodologies, with introduction to a few new items as well. For my team who has also participated in the program, the comprehensive, and well rounded program provides the right amount of knowledge in a easy to understand format.”

~ Monica Oliverio, Honda North America