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Certified Intelligent Automation Professional (CIAP)

When it comes to automation, the question is no longer “if” but “when.” Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is an evolving set of software technologies that can be used singly or in combination to automate repetitive, rules-based routine tasks such as invoice processing and accounts reconciliation. This frees up teams to focus on strategic business objectives, decreases costly human errors and increases productivity.

The CIAP program was created by Virtual Operations, specialists in digital transformation and intelligent process automation. CIAP has modules specifically aimed at operations professionals and C-suite executives, as well as rapidly upskilling the technical team. It provides an ideal foundation for those looking to learn more about the capabilities, possibilities and limitations of intelligent automation technologies.  

Learning Outcomes 
At the end of the program, a Certified Intelligent Automation Professional will graduate with confidence and have the working knowledge to: 

  • Use automation to solve major business problems and deliver business objective
  • Implement best practice methodology to the identification, design and development of an automation program
  • Compare the Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) tools available and the applicability of IPA in transforming processes and operations
  • Discover, assess and prioritize suitable processes for automation
  • Understand how to progress from tactical to transformational projects by combining automation technologies with process excellence
  • Recognize the skills required, both internal and external, to build and run an effective Center of Excellence

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"I wish this program would have been available before we started our RPA and IA journey. It would have been a great level setting experience for the company. As one of the executive sponsors, I could have created a much better view for our leadership of what we are doing."

~ Mike Morsch, CDKGlobal